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This is Ukraine today February 11: The Russian proposal at the Summit in Minsk is unacceptable - president of Ukraine Poroshenko








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February 11 The Russian proposal at the Summit in Minsk is unacceptable - president of Ukraine Poroshenko. Russia deliberately disrupts agreements.

February 11 19 Ukrainian military were killed and 78 wounded as a result of shelling near the burial mound Hostra Mogyla close to Debaltseve and at other locations within ATO area, informed the spokesman for the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vladyslav Seleznyov at a briefing on Wednesday morning.

February 11 In Donbas pro-Russian militants shelled the positions of Ukrainian troops 27 times on the night of February 11th. Most of the attacks occurred in the direction of Luhansk. 87 pro-Russian militants and 42 units of military equipment were destroyed in the last 24 hours (including 12 tanks, 14 multiple rocket launchers and 16 armored vehicles).

February 11 In Donetsk 6 people were killed and 8 wounded as a result of shelling at the bus station and entrance office of "Donetsk Metallurgical Plant".

February 11 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko spoke about a successful military operation at Debaltseve foothold: "Several successful operations were conducted yesterday at Debaltseve foothold. They allowed us to gain control over two municipalities and the contact line", said Poroshenko.

February 11 "Peoples Republic of Luhansk and "Peoples Republic of Donetsk" demand that Ukraine stops the ATO and are requesting autonomy and new elections, as stated in a protocol draft handed over on Tuesday night by the leaders of the terrorists to the contact group in Minsk.

February 11 Russian Federal TV Station "Channel 5" has broadcast a story describing how quickly and easily Russian troops can enter European capitals and threatened the West with missile attacks. Shows authors vaguely disguised this information as campaign to hold "Victory Day parades" in the EU member-states capitals.

February 11 Russia implemented a direct military intervention during the battle at the city of Debaltseve, stated Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, Commander of Allied Land Command (NATO).

February 11  Russian Foreign Ministry believes that border control issues should be should negotiated upon with the militants, which, in its turn, doesnt provide a solution to the problem,  stated Russias Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
February 11 - Government is ready to establish martial law, should there be esalation of the situation in the east. This was stated by President Petro Poroshenko during a government meeting. Poroshenko emphasized that it is precisely "from the results of the summit that it will depend if we will be successful in stopping the aggressor by diplomatic means, or if we will switch into a very different course." I and the government, and Parliament are ready to make a decision to impose martial law in the entire territory of Ukraine," he noted.

"In no way will I delay this decision, if the the irresponsible acts of the aggressor bring about a serious continued escalation of the conflict," he emphasized. "I am convinced that our country can protect itself and that every person will do whatever posssible in order to demonstrate that victory will be ours. However, I stress, that I am a president of peace, and thatn through army means, the situation in Donbas should not be decided," he added.


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Economist Edward Lucas Attacks Russia's RT and Sputnik for "manufacturing lies" and those working there as "freaks and propagandists"


Feature by BBC Monitoring on 9 February

Russian state media have hit back strongly at British journalist Edward Lucas after he criticized them at the recent Munich Security Conference and suggested that journalists working for them should be ostracized. One top TV presenter went as far as to brand Lucas a "village idiot".

At a panel discussion at the annual Munich Security Conference on 6 February, Lucas, a senior editor at The Economist and author of The New Cold War, accused the Kremlin's international media operations, RT (formerly known as Russia Today) and Sputnik (rebranded successor to the Voice of Russia) of "manufacturing lies".

He said the people working for them were "freaks and propagandists", who should be the target of a campaign of ostracism, according to records of the discussion published by RT and Russian state news agency RIA Novosti.[1]

"If anyone puts a CV on my desk and on that CV I see they worked for RT or Sputnik or one
of these things, that CV is going into the bin," Lucas said. He added that people in the West were wrong to see working for the Kremlin's international media as a "first stage on the career ladder". "It's not, it's the last stage," he told the Munich conference.

"Journalistic Joe McCarthy"

Russian state media came back, all guns blazing, with Lucas even getting a whole slot to himself on state channel Rossiya 1's weekly current affairs news roundup Vesti Nedeli.[2]

Outspoken host Dmitriy Kiselev, who is also director-general of Sputnik's parent company Rossiya Segodnya (which confusingly translates as Russia Today), hurled a whole fistful of
epithets at Lucas - "odious British journalist", "hysterical Londoner" and even "village idiot" - while rubbishing his analysis of Russian politics and accusing The Economist of practising censorship.

RT responded more primly, saying it was "absolutely outraged" by Lucas's "specious attacks", which, it said, were particularly "despicable" as several of its journalists were daily risking their lives to "report on stories nobody else dares to touch".[3]

Sputnik also had Lucas in its sights, describing him in one article as a "journalistic Joe McCarthy" - a reference to
the US senator who instigated a witch-hunt against Communist sympathizers in the 1950s.[4]

Lucas himself appeared to revel in the backlash, responding to Kiselev in kind.

"Better than a Pulitzer prize ? i get prime-time abuse from vile Kremlin mouthpiece Kiselov," he tweeted.[5]

He could also take comfort from the support of fellow Twitterati, who suggested he had got under RT's skin.

US journalist Michael Weiss observed that Lucas had "figured out RT hacks' Achilles heel", while Times columnist Oliver Kamm said he had "badly wounded them".[6][7]

Writer and Russia watcher Ben Judah also weighed in, saying Lucas had put the wind up RT. "Experts should refuse to appear on RT - or any other ? disinformation channel", he added.[8]


RT and its supporters also entered the fray on Twitter.

One of its contributors, Robert Bridge, accused Lucas of being "scared to hear another side of the story", while the channel itself suggested his attack on its journalists may have been provoked by recent criticism of The Economist on its show In The Now.[9][10]

In The Now dismissed as "absurd" a claim by The Economist that Russian state
TV "conceals" bad economic news from its viewers. It showed excerpts from top TV bulletins talking about the collapse of the rouble to prove the contrary. It also said that the story of the rouble's woes and the looming recession had been well covered in Russian newspapers. To suggest otherwise, it said, was to promote "misinformation".[11]

It called its analysis of The Economist's coverage a "tutorial on how to write a propaganda article".

But RT's criticism of The Economist was itself guilty of omission and distortion.

For example, it made no mention of the fact that on the day in mid December when the rouble tumbled by some 10 per cent, Rossiya 1 main news had ignored this story altogether.

Also, it illustrated its claim about the Russian press's economic coverage with screenshots not from leading newspapers but from news agencies and websites, one of them a little known business portal from the Volga republic of Tatarstan.

The panel discussion at the Munich conference, which also featured NATO commander and US general Philip Breedlove and Norwegian Defence Minister Ine Eriksen Soreide, looked more broadly at the issue of hybrid warfare and the role played in it by different media organizations.

According to a report by Judy Dempsey on the Carnegie Europe website, the participants said that one of the reasons why RT and its ilk have been able to make such an impact is the cutbacks at top Western international media, such as the BBC World Service and the Voice of America.[12]

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Source: BBC Monitoring research 9 Feb 15


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Le 11 février  Les terroristes ont pilonné les positions de larmée ukrainienne près du mont Hostra Mohyla à côté de Debaltsevo. 19 soldats ukrainiens ont été tués, 78 sont blessés.  - le porte-parole de létat-major des Forces armées de lUkraine, Vladyslav Selezniov.

Le 11 février Dans la nuit, les militants terroristes ont tiré 27 fois sur les positions des troupes ukrainiennes; la plupart des offensives étaient dirigées vers la région de Louhansk. Au cours des dernières 24 heures, 87 terroristes ont été tués et 42 unités de matériel militaire russe ont été détruites dont 12 chars, 14 lance-roquettes multiples et 16 véhicules blindés.

Le 11 février - Six personnes ont été tuées et huit autres sont blessées à la suite de lattaque terroriste lancée contre une station de bus et les alentours de lusine métallurgique de Donetsk.

Le 11 février Le président Petro Porochenko déclare que les opérations militaires dans le district de Debaltsevo ont réussi.  Hier, nos troupes ont mené plusieurs opérations réussies à Debaltsevo qui leur ont permis de reprendre deux villes et assurer le contrôle de la ligne du front. 

Le 11 février Les  DNR  et  LNR  exigent que lUkraine arrête les opérations ATO, leur accorde lautonomie et organise des élections. Cela est indiqué dans le projet du protocole que les militants terroristes ont remis au groupe de contact à Minsk le mardi soir.

Le 11 février La chaîne 5 fédérale russe a diffusé un documentaire sur larmée russe, comment elle pourrait rapidement et facilement entrer dans les capitales européennes et menacer lOccident avec des tirs de missiles. Les auteurs ont présenté ce documentaire sous la forme dune campagne pour préparer les capitales de lUE aux  célébrations et défilés de la fête de la Victoire .

Le 11 février - Le général Ben Hodges, commandant du groupement des armées de lOTAN en Europe a déclaré que la Russie est intervenue directement dans la bataille pour Debaltsevo.

Le 11 février - Le ministère des Affaires étrangères de la Russie déclare que le contrôle des frontières devrait être négocié avec les militants terroristes (ce qui ne présente aucune solution pour lUkraine). Cette position a été soutenue par le ministre des Affaires étrangères russe, Sergueï Lavrov.



Ukraine: Poutine se comporte comme un "tyran du milieu du XXe siècle" (Hammond)


Négociations de la dernière chance


Londres "se réserve le droit" d'armer les forces ukrainiennes



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11 lutego W pobliżu kopca Ostra Mogiła i w innych punktach ATO od ostrzałów terrorystów zginęło 19 ukraińskich żołnierzy, rannych 78 rzecznik Sztabu Generalnego Sił Zbrojnych Władysław Sełezniev na briefingu w środę.

11 lutego W nocy z 10 na 11 lutego bojówkarzy na Donbasie 27 razy ostrzelali pozycji wojsk ukraińskich, większość ataków odnotowano na kierunku Ługańskim. W ciągu ostatniej doby zniszczono 87 terrorystów rosyjskich i 42 jednostek ich sprzętu bojowego, w tym 12 czołgów, 14 wyrzutni rakietowych i 16 pojazdów opancerzonych.

11 lutego W wyniku ostrzału przez terrorystów rosyjskich stacji autobusowej i wartowni fabryki "Donieckie Zakłady Metalurgiczne" w Doniecku zginęło 6 cywilów, rannych 8.

11 lutego Prezydent Petro Poroszenko oświadczył o przeprowadzeniu skutecznej operacji bojowej na obszarze Debalcewskiego terenu działań bojowych: "Wczoraj przeprowadzono kilka udanych operacji na przyczółku Debalcewskim, co pozwoliło wywalczyć dwie osady i zapewnić kontrolę nad linią zderzenia" powiedział Petro Poroszenko.

11 lutego "DRL" i "ŁRL" wymagają, aby Ukraina zaprzestała operację antyterrorystycznej, nadała im autonomię i przeprowadziła w granicach tych enklaw gangsterskich wybory na warunkach bandytów. O tym powiedziano w projekcie protokołu, przekazanego przez bojowników grupie kontaktowej w Mińsku we wtorek wieczorem.

11 lutego Jeden z rosyjskich telewizyjnych kanałów federalnych emitował historię o tym, jak szybko i łatwo wojska rosyjskie mogą wejść do europejskich stolic, a także zagroził Zachodowi atakami rakietowymi. Autorzy programu opisali to w postaci kampanii wojskowej w celu przeprowadzenia w stolicach UE " parad do Dnia Pabiedy" (Dzień Zwycięstwa kwazireligijna zastraszająca odprawa w postaci pochodu ofensywnej techniki wojskowej, którą Rosjanie rytualnie urządzają od czasów brieżniewowskich 9 maja według Stalina dnia końca wojny).

11 lutego Rosja przeprowadziła bezpośrednią interwencję wojskową w walce o Debalcewo. O tym stwierdził dowódca połączonej grupy wojsk lądowych NATO w Europie (Commander of NATOs Allied Land Command) generał porucznik Ben Hodges.

11 lutego MSZ Rosji oświadczyło, że o kontroli granicznej Ukraina musi negocjować z bojówkarzami (co blokuje rozwiązanie problemu). Stanowisko to zostało ogłoszone przez ministra spraw zagranicznych FR Siergieja Ławrowa.


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11 febbraio - Nei pressi di Hostra Mohyla, che si trova non lontano da Debaltsevo, e in altre zone dell'ATO, a seguito dei bombardamenti sono morti 19 militari ucraini, altri 78 sono stati feriti, - ha detto il portavoce del dipartimento generale delle Forze Armate dell'Ucraina Vladyslav Selezniov nel corso di una conferenza stampa. 

11 febbraio - Nella notte dal 10 all'11 febbraio, i militanti hanno per 27 volte aperto il fuoco contro le posizioni delle truppe ucraine, soprattutto nella zona di Luhans'k. Nel corso della scorsa giornata sono stati eliminati 87 militanti e 42 unità di attrezzature militari, tra cui 12 carri armati, 14 lanciarazzi, 16 macchine blindate.

11 febbraio - A causa del bombardamento della stazione della "fabbrica metallurgica di Donets'k" sono morte 6 persone, altre 8 sono state ferite. 

11 febbraio - Il presidente Petro Porohsenko ha dichiarato che l'operazione nella zona di Debaltsevo è andata a buon fine: "Ieri sono state effettuate con successo alcune operazioni nei pressi di Debaltseve, che hanno permesso di riprendere il controllo di due città e di restaurare il controllo sulla linea dello scontro", - ha detto Poroshenko. 

11 febbraio - Le "Repubbliche Popolari di Donets'k e di Luhans'k" richiedono che l'Ucraina ponga fine all'operazione antiterrorismo e conceda loro l'autonomia e delle elezioni al suo interno. Ciò è affermato nel progetto del protocollo che i leader dei militanti hanno dato al gruppo di contatto a Minsk martedì sera.

11 febbraio - Il canale federale russo "5 kanal" ha mandato in onda un servizio su come sarebbe facile e veloce la penetrazione delle truppe russe nelle capitali europee, minacciando l'Occidente con degli attacchi missilistici. Gli autori del programma lo hanno fatto passare per una "parata della vittoria".

11 febbraio - La Russia ha effettuato un intervento diretto nelle battaglie per Debaltseve. Lo ha dichiarato il comandante delle forze della NATO in Europa, il generale Ben Hodges. 

11 febbraio - Il MAE della Russia dichiara che l'Ucraina deve mettersi d'accordo con i militanti riguardo al controllo del confine, il che esclude che il problema possa trovare una soluzione. Tale posizione è stata espressa dal ministro Sergei Lavrov. 


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11. Februar In der Nähe von Kurgan Hostra mohyla nicht weit von Debalzewo und an anderen Orten, wo man die antiterroristiche Operation durchführt, kamen 19 ukrainische Soldaten ums Leben, noch 78 erlitten Verletzungen, sagte der Pressesprecher des Generalstabes der ukrainischen Streitkräfte Wladyslaw Selesnjow bei einem Briefing am Mittwoch.

11. Februar In der Nacht vom 10. auf 11. Februar beschoßen die Terroristen 27 Mal die Positionen ukrainischer Soldaten am Donbass, die höchste Zahl der Beschießungen gab es in der Richtung Luhansk. In den letzten 24 Stunden wurden 87 Terroristen vernichtet sowie auch 42 Einheiten ihrer Militärtechnik. Darunter gab es 12 Panzer, 14 Mehrfachraketenwerfersysteme und 16 Schützenpanzer.

11. Februar Infolge der Beschießung eines Busbahnhofs und des Eingangs bei Donezker merallurgischen Fabrik in Donezk kamen 6 Menschen ums Leben und 8 wurden verletzt.

11. Februar Der Präsident Petro Poroschenko berichtet über die Durchführung erfolgreicher Operation neben Debalzewo. Gestern wurden ein Paar erfolgreiche Operationen neben Debalzewo durchgeführt, die uns erlaubt haben, zwei Wohnorte abzunehmen und die Kontrolle auf der Zusammenstoßlinie zu gewährleisten, betonte Poroschenko.

11. Februar Die Volksrepubliken Donezk und Luhans fordern von der Ukraine mit der antiterroristischen Operation aufzuhören, ihnen die Autonomie erteilen und in diesen Republiken die Wahlen durchzuführen. Darüber geht es im Protokollentwurf, der die führenden Terroristen am Dienstagabend an die Kontaktgruppe in Minsk geleitet haben.

11. Februar Der föderale russische TV-Sender 5. Kanal machte eine Sendung darüber, wie leicht und schnell die russischen Truppen in die europäische Hauptstädte einmarschieren könnten, sie drohten dem Westen mit den Raketenangriffen. Die Autoren dieses Programms stellten das als ein Feldzug dar, dessen Ziel war es in den europäischen Hauptstädten die Parade zum Siegestag durchzuführen.

11. Februar Russland mischte sich militärisch direkt in die Kämpfe um Debalzewo ein. Darüber berichtete der Befehlshaber des NATO Allied Land Command Ben Hodges.

11. Februar Das russische Außenministerium erklärte, dass die Grenzkontrolle mit den Terroristen zu besprechen ist, was die Problemlösung ausschließt. Solche Position erklärte der russische Außenminister Sergej Lawrow.



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