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The NGO "", an independent cultural organization founded in the late 1980's in L'viv, focuses on modern Ukrainian and world intellectual thought.
It offers periodic forums for discussion of issues concerning Ukraine and, among others, Europe, Russia, post-Byzantium, the Muslim Renaissance. It analyzes the current situation in order to develop future socio-political strategies.
The organization also publishes "", a quarterly journal dealing with European and Ukrainian issues in politics, philosophy, and culture. It also examines the relationship of Ukrainians with Russians, Poles, Austrians, and Jews and places Ukraine in a modern geopolitical sphere that can further Ukraine's identity as a modern state.
"" is a non-governmental organization, which focuses on issues of philosophy, political science, and culture. It concerns itself with the study of interethnic relations, civilized differentiation, European identity formation and integration, and contemporary political discourse. It sponsors a regular seminar which examines cultural and political issues of frontier zones.
The organization publishes a quarterly cultural journal "" and books of prominent Ukrainian political and cultural experts.

Oles' Pohranychnyj, Head of the Ji-magazine Capitulum

Taras Voznyak, editor-in-chief of the Ji-magazine
Taras Voznyak. Photo

Iryna Magdysh, editor of the Ji-magazine, author

Alla Tatarenko

Andriy Kyrchiv

Yevhen Troyan

German Antonov

Yurko Prokhasko

Walter Mossmann and Anton Borkovskyy

Andriy Pavlyshyn

Iryna Voznyak


Yan Chaykovskyy, Oksana Dashchakivska, Yevhen Troyan



They write about us:

Jana Kutko What We Can Say About the 13th Letter of Alphabet? (The Day, October 9 2004)

Askold Yeromin Lviv streets always was multilingual... (Vysokyy Zamok, May 18 2004)

Ihor Melnyk A Dialog between nations (Postup, May 14 2004)

Natalya Balyuk The professionalism in politics and Snobbism in Philosophy (Vysokyy Zamok January 2004)

Volodymyr Savych The freedom of speech^ philosophy and reality( 28.10.2003)

Ihor Melnyk Does Lviv need a crown? (Postup, July 4 2003)

"Lvivska gazeta" 12 April 2003
Taras Byk Poland share it's experience (Ukr.)

"Postup" 1 April 2003
Ihor Melnyk Who needs a history? (Ukr.)

"Postup" 25 February 2003
Natalka Chymyrenko Halician award for polish dissident (Ukr.)

Postup 24 December 2002
Ulyana Ivashkiv Decoration of Intellectual courage (Ukr.)

Postup 19 October 2002
Ihor Melnyk Kontrculture for outsiders (Ukr.)

Literary artistic newspaper "Krejda"
Intellectual fashion Ji, or On Ukraine - Real (Ukr.)

Tages Anzeiger 30. Mai 2002
Roman Berger Ein geistiger Freiraum am oestlichen Rande Europas (Ger.)

"Za Vilnu Ukrajinu" 34 March 27 2002
Bohdan Zaliznyak Who are farisees, and who are not...

"Our City" 51 December 28 2001
Maryan Nyshchuk Results of Independence: separatism in Halychyna (Ukr.)

Tygodnik Powszechny 26 / 2001
Ukraina: brak pomyslu na panstwo (Pol.)

"Postup" May 31,2001
Lyubko Petrenko European Dreams of Ukraine.Notes from the international conference (Ger.)

"Den" May 29, 2001
Natalya Ligachova
Euroscepticists and Eurocinicists:Who is Right? (Ger.)

"Za Vil'nu Ukrajinu" February 16, 2001 (Ukr.)

"Postup" February 13-14, 2001
"Ji", Internet And... "60ethers" (Ukr.)

"Postup" February 1-7, 2001
Igor Klekh Halychyna In Darkness (Ukr.)

"Rzeczpospolita" January 20, 2001
Igor Klekh Market in Lviv (Pol.)

Neue Zuercher Zeitung
Barbara von Reibnitz Who is afraid of Europe? Europaeisches Zeitschriftentreffen in Wien und Bratislava (Ger.)

Igor Klekh
Western Ukraine: The Summary of 90-eths (Rus.)

"Audytorija" ("Auditory")
Oksana Fitel. The Youth Leaves Politicians Behind (Ukr.)

"Gazeta Wyborcza" (Poland)
Interview with Jaroslav Hrytsak (Pol.)

, March 31, 2000

Deutschland, 4 1998 (Ukr.)

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