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Continuing Talks About Borders

Photo by Andriy Kyrchiv

On May 22-25, 2001 the international conference “Ukraine, Poland and EU Enlargement to the East” has been held in Lviv and Przemysl in which the delegations of prominent politicians, scientists, intellectuals and journalists from Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Russia and Switzerland (totally more than 70 persons) took part. The conference was organized by Heinrich Boell Foundation (Berlin, Germany) and Independent Cultural Magazine “Ji” (Lviv, Ukraine) with the kind support of Freiburg City Council in the frames of German-Ukrainian project “Talks Over the Borders” which functions more than five years.

According to the tight programme the participants of the conference visited Przemysl where they were met by the Head of City Council Wojciech Inglot and City President Marjan Majka, discussed the planned questions in three working groups and during the journalist, literature-philosophical and political press-clubs, listened to the reports and inputs of the European Parliament member Daniel Cohn-Bendit, councillor to Polish Prime Minister Prof. Zdzislaw Najder, Prof. Myroslav Popovych, ex-Foreign Minister of Ukraine Borys Tarasyuk, Director of South-Eastern European Institute Stanislaw Stepien, Bundestag member Gernot Erler, Heinrich Boell Foundation leaders Walter Kaufmann and Walter Mossmann, “Ji” editors Taras Voznyak and Andriy Pavlyshyn.

The detailed information about the programme, personal representation, photos and summaries of the main reports.