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800th Anniversary Of King Danylo

Photo by Andriy Kyrchiv

According to the data of Ruthenian chronicles investigators the date of birth of the Galician Rus famous statesman, Count and King Danylo is supposed to be November 1201. In the times of Danylo the Galician-Volyn State reached its peak of development and power, even in the enemy surround. The role of the figure of the only sovereign on the former Ukraine-Rus territory was discussed during the conference organized by the Public Committee for the Celebration of 800th Anniversary of King Danylo’s Birth. The conference took place in the House of Scientists in Lviv with the participation of the members of Ukrainian Parliament, prominent historians and political scientists, political and public figures, writers and journalists.

At the end of the meeting the Appeal to Ukrainian society was signed by the participants, where a number of celebrating measures aimed to the honouring of King Danylo in Lviv and Kholm (his former capital where he was buried) were proposed.