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Celebration of Franz -Joseph I Habsburg Birthday

On August 18, 2000 the 170eth birthday anniversary of the last Caesar of Austro-Hungarian Empire, to which until 1918 Galychyna belonged, was celebrated due to the initiative of Art Association “Dzyga” and Centre for Political Studies “Nova Khvylya”. The so-called Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria with the Capital in Lviv had wide autonomy rights in the times of Franz -Joseph I, and the level of political liberty, cultural and public life of the Ukrainians was the highest one there, especially when compared with the same position of the Ukrainian citizen in Russian Empire. The Russian political emigrants - Ukrainian scientists, politicians, writers were living, working and publishing in Ukrainian papers in Lviv. During the solemn academy dedicated to the anniversary it was decided to erect a monument to Franz-Joseph I in the central part of the city as a sign of respect and gratitude of Galicians.