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The Second Nominating Of Halytskyj Lytsar (Galician Knight)

Photo by Andriy Kyrchiv

The solemn ceremony of celebrating the most popular Galician people took place in Lviv for the second time on January 27th, 2001. The Galician Metropolite of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Andrey Sheptytskyj became the Man of the XXeth Century, and former RUKH leader Vyacheslav Chornovil has been awarded the title of the”Knight of the Last Decade”. According to the Joury decision the 97-years-old Lviv composer Mykola Kolessa got the title of “Honour and Dignity of Galicia” and famous producer Roman Viktyuk became the most popular “Galician Outside Galicia”. The “Journalist of the Year 2000” Kost’ Bondarenko declared that he passes his award (bronze statuette of the Galician Knight) to the mother of murdered journalist Georgij Gongadze.

The editor-in-chief of the Independent Cultural Magazine “Ji” Taras Voznyak won the award in “Public Person” nomination.