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Traditional Celebration of “On the Eve of the Year 2003” and the Official Ceremony of Endowment of Awards of “―”

The Edge of the Year

On 22 of December 2002 good and free people of city of Lviv gathered to mark the occasion of independent cultural magazine “―” inauguration ceremony. By decision of Capitula, two outstanding persons were honored by special “―” order this year. Those persons are: Mrs. Emma Andijevska - famous Ukrainian artist and writer (France-USA-Germany) and an outstanding Ukrainian thinker Mr. Myroslav Popovych (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Mrs. Emma was honored for considerable contribution in to creating of modern discourse of new Ukrainian self-identity, courage and originality in her art connected with main trends of modern literature. Mr. Popovych was honored for his important contribution into creating of modern Ukrainian identity, brilliant lectures on philosophy and culture and for his courage in development of Ukrainian political and philosophical thought.

On the last year ceremony minister of foreign affairs in V. Yuschenko cabinet Borys Tarasyuk and professor of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Natalia Yakovenko were honored with Order of Intellectual Courage.