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Bruno Schulz Anniversary

On July 12, 2001 there would be 109 years since the date of birth of Bruno Schulz, the genius Galician writer and artist from Drohobych. On June 24 those who respect his talent met together in the editorial office of “Ji” Magazine to discuss the measures for celebration this anniversary in Lviv. The following persons took part in the discussion: Taras Voznyak and Andriy Pavlyshyn (“Ji” Magazine), Victoria Sadova (Postup Daily), Natalia Kosmolinska (Lviv Radio), Oleksandr Overchuk (stage-studio “Galiciana”), Yurko Prokhazko (translator-germanist), Volodymyr Vitkovskyj (political scientist, deputy to the Lviv City Council), Nazar Honchar (poet). The participants of the discussion decided as below:

*publications in press: informing society about the creative heritage of the artist, the history of his life and death, commemorating measures, particularly in his native town;

*public initiatives concerning the savage destroying of the memorial object in Drohobych where the frescos of B.Schulz has been discovered, collecting the signatures under the appeal to Ukrainian government, involving lawyers to the collective cultural rights defence, providing public investigation of the possible facts of corruption and ensuring the court trial to the Drohobych officials and Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem;

*creating the Web-site dedicated to the creative work of B.Schulz in the frames of “Ji” Internet project;

*memorial measures on July 12, 2001:

- installation in “Dzyga” (V.Kaufman);

- traditional seminar of “Ji” Magazine in the Royal Hall (17:00-19:00), invited: Alfred Schreier and Jerzy Jarzebski;

- performance “Holy Third Square” by the pieces of Bruno Schulz in Les’ Kurbas Theatre (19:30-21:00), realized by Olexandr Overchuk;

- party dedicated to B.Schulz memory (after 22:00).

Besides that, artistic actions are possible in Drohobych, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv. It is decided also to communicate regularly inside the “Schulz Committee” in order to meet 110th Schulz jubilee if birthday and 60eth anniversary of his death. Particularly there is an urgent need in re-publishing and new publications and translations of Schulz pieces, issuing albums of his graphic heritage with explanations in Ukrainian, publication of translations of his biographies as well as pieces inspired by Drohobych dreamer’s creative work.