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Letters from Eternity

Photo by Andriy Kyrchiv

Dmytro StusOn March 21 in the evening a presentation of the recently published book of Vassyl Stus “Letters to the Son” took place in cafe-club “Lyalka”. The book was issued by “Lileya-NV” Publishers and contains epistolary heritage of the poet-dissident, who died in Soviet concentration camp in Mordovia in 1985. “Letters” themselves are the original program for the forming of man-citizen, patriot of the country, independence of which was the subject of trust and the aim to which imprisoned poet dedicated all his life up to the end. That is why the ceremony of presentation was so touchy and symbolic, while among others there were Iryna and Ihor Kalynets, writers and co-prisoners of Vassyl Stus, and it was led by the person to whom those letters have been addressed - the son of tragically lost poet Dmytro Stus. It was he who made a right decision, that those letters can no longer stay as only private home archive.