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Round table "What should we do with our history?"
Lviv, 11.1. 2002


Polish-Ukrainian meeting which was held on November 1 2002 in Lviv was initiated by Poles and Ukrainians who believe that dialog, understanding and unity of our nations is one of the most important issues that our societies are facing. Those issues are so important and complicated that our governments can not manage it alone by themselves. That why widest groups of our societies must be engaged in the process of dialog. Because only dialog can help us to deal with crisis in mutual relations, as it must be in the case of Polish military cemetery in Lviv.
We believe that this problem will be sold respecting feelings of both sides. We gathered here to honour those Poles and Ukrainians that died in Polish-Ukrainian war and to pray for their souls. We are sure that along with our good will to dialog, military cemeteries can become the symbols of unity between our nations for modern Poles and Ukrainians.

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