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"Ji" order

The advising council of the Ji-magazine capitulum


The advising council of the Ji-magazine capitulum:

Head of the Ji-magazine Capitulum:
Oles' Pohranychnyj - journalist, secretary of The Polish-Ukrainian "Media Society" (Lviv)

Ji-magazine capitulum advising council members:

Anton Borkovskyj - journalist, political scientist (Lviv)
Fr. Borys Gudzyak - Rector of Lviv Catholic University, professor, Knight of Order NGO "JI" (Lviv)
Iryna Kotlobulatova - Art Historian (Lviv)
Yuri Lanyuk - musician, composer, proffesor of The Lysenko Music Academy (Lviv)
Iryna Magdysh - Editor of Independent Cultural Magazine "JI" (Lviv)
Myroslav Marynovych - Director of The Ukrainians Catholic University Institute of Religion and Society, Knight of Order NGO "JI" (Lviv)
Ivan Monolatiy - Historian, Lecturer at The Pre-Carpathian National University (Ivano-Frankivsk)
Mykhajlo Moskal - artist, painter (Kyiv-Lviv)
Ihor Nabytovych - Linguist, Professor at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University (Lublin)
Andriy Pavlyshyn - Editor-in-Chief of the "West Analytic Group" (Lviv)
Iryna Podolyak - Head of Department for Foreign Relations, Lviv City Council (Lviv)
Yuri Prohasko - researcher in The Lviv Branch of The Ukrainian National Scientific Academy Institute Of Literature (Lviv)
Oles Starovoyt - Lviv City Councillor (Lviv)
Volodymyr Syvokhip - conductor, director of Lviv Philharmony, director ofinternational frstival "Kontrasty", Knight of Order NGO "JI" (Lviv)
Victoria Susak - art scientist, Lviv Arts Gallery (Lviv)
Alla Tatarenko - translator, Department Of The Slavonic Philology of the Lviv National University (Lviv)

Decisions of the advising council are based on the Ji-magazine Capitulum's statute.

Persons honored with special "Ji" order in 2006:

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Persons honored with special "Ji" order in 2005:

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Persons honored with special "Ji" order in 2004:

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On 15 of January 2005 Mr. George Grabovych was honored by special "Ji" order.

On 4 of January 2004 Mr. Myroslav Marynovych was honored by special "Ji" order. See also

Valentyn Sylvestrov - composer See also

Persons honored with special "Ji" order in 2003:

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On 21 of December 2003 Mr. Vyacheslav Brukhovetskyy and Mr. Roman Viktyuk was honored by special "Ji" order.

Persons honored with special "Ji" order in 2002:

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On 22 of December 2002 Mrs. Emma Andijevska was honored by special "Ji" order for her considerable contribution in to creating of modern discourse of new Ukrainian self-identity, courage and originality in her art connected with main trends of modern literature.

Mr. Myroslav Popovych was honored for his important contribution into creating of modern Ukrainian identity, brilliant lectures on philosophy and culture and for his courage in development of Ukrainian political and philosophical thought.


Persons honored with special "Ji" order in 2001:

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Natalia Yakovenko - Professor of History, National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Kyiv)

Borys Tarasyuk - Minister, Director of the Institute for Euroatlantic Co-operation (Kyiv)

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